Dear Guest,


We are looking forward to your visit.


We strive to create a safe and relaxing environment for all of our Guests. Our policies, procedures and waiver of liability helps ensure everyone will have a safe and enjoyable stay. 


Below are the policies, procedures and waiver of liability that are a part of each and every reservation. If by chance you are making, or have made this reservation for someone else or, for example, are using or used Airbnb, Expedia, Travelocity, or another booking resource, the policies, procedures and waiver of liability are still relevant to the individuals for whom the reservation is made. Since we are a small and well-respected B&B, you and everyone in your party are expected to fully comply with all of the policies and procedures.  Please be sure you and everyone in your party reads, completely understands and is in agreement with all of the information and terms in this document before you complete your reservation. Continuing with this reservation constitutes your understanding and agreement to comply with the policies, procedures and waiver of liability.  


Thank you for choosing River Ranch. We look forward to serving you. 




Vicki Galligan

River Ranch






RIVER RANCH is an exclusive property where each Guest’s Reservation is both important and special to us. If your travel plans change and you must cancel your reservation, please call us at least 30 (thirty) days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation. An administrative fee of $150.00, plus any credit card, PayPal or related fees, will be charged for ALL CANCELLATIONS, regardless of circumstance, timing or notice given. A 120-day cancellation notice is required on entire Lodge bookings and for holidays and special events.  



If you've stayed with us before you may remember, I take care of our elderly Mother, and managing the day-to-day operations of River Ranch’s timber farm.  I love it, but it keeps me busy. And while we’re called a Bed and Breakfast, we have never served a hot breakfast. However, we do provide a casual, self-serve breakfast snack consisting of coffee and a selection of breakfast bars. We encourage our Guests to utilize the kitchen to your hearts content. We have a full-size kitchen on the Main Floor of the Lodge with cookware, and complete dinnerware should you decide to prepare meals.  If you choose to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner, please enjoy your meal in any of our lovely appointed common areas. Thank you for not bringing food into your suites and sleeping area. As always, please be considerate of other Guests by cleaning up afterwards.


Check-in: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM. If arriving outside of check-in times, please call 601-433-1361 to make arrangements. 

Check-out: Noon

Early check-in or late-check out is subject to a $20 per hour additional charge.


Quiet hours are 11:00 PM - 7:00AM

The Lodge is made entirely of wood and other natural materials. While this adds to the beauty and is part of our unique charm, sound does tend to travel. Please be considerate of other Guests. 



Please be absolutely sure of your travel plans when making a reservations.  One hundred percent (100%) of the total room charge, including room tax, is due at time of booking.  In the unlikely event you must cancel your reservation with less than 30 (thirty) days notice, adjust the length of your stay, or check-out early, please understand you must take responsibility for your entire reservation. If we can rebook your room(s), a full or partial refund will be made, less the administrative fee of $150.00, plus any credit card fees, PayPal or bank fees, or related fees.


Rates/policies are subject to change and vary during high impact periods and special requests.  Minimum nights stay are required and deposits for all holidays, holiday weeks and weekends are non-refundable, including but not limited to: New Year’s Week and Weekend, Valentine's Day Weekend, Memorial Week and Weekend, July 4th Week and Weekend, Labor Day Week and Weekend, Columbus Day Week and Weekend, Thanksgiving Week and Weekend, and Christmas Week and Weekend, as well as the following: 


Birthday of Martin Luther King, Third Monday in January

Valentine's Day,  February 14th

Presidents Day, Third Monday of February

St. Patrick's Day, March 17th

Easter Sunday

Mothers' Day,  Second Sunday in May

Memorial Day Weekend, Last Monday in May

Fathers' Day, Third Sunday in June

Independence Day, July 4th

Labor Day Weekend, First Monday in September

Columbus Day, October 12th

Halloween, October 31st

Veterans Day, November 11th

Thanksgiving, Fourth Thursday in November

Christmas, December 25th


Vehicles and Visitors

River Ranch is a private facility for the enjoyment and use of Registered Guests only.  All vehicles must be registered with the innkeeper along with a copy of your drivers license upon check-in. You are welcome to invite a friend, or two for a visit during your stay, but please communicate with the Innkeeper BEFORE doing so. The limit is two (2) Visitors per registered Adult Guest per day. The same policies, signature of the waiver of liability and vehicle registration requirements will apply to your Visitors.  No parties, social gatherings, or overnight Visitors, without appropriate completed paperwork. 

Day Rate For Visitors

Registered Guests are different than Visitors. For example Visitors come for a short time, then leave. Only registered Guests are allowed to stay overnight. Any Visitor staying longer than 7 hours are required to pay a day rate of $75 regardless of the circumstance. Visitors are not allowed to stay on premises longer than 12 hours regardless of circumstance. We are happy to accommodate you in one of our suites if possible.  


Special Events, Family Gatherings, etc. 

Special Events will be considered and are priced separately. Currently, River Ranch is a VENUE ONLY and does not provide catering, seating, tenting, or any items related to special events, unless other arrangement are made. We will work with pre-approved professional event planners who are certified, licensed and insured. All other outside service vendors must be cleared through River Ranch Management prior to the event, and be currently certified, licensed and insured, in their respective specialities and trades. Special Events pricing start at $5,000 per day depending on the number of people.   


All Terrain, UTF’s and Related Vehicles, etc.

ATV’s, UTF’s, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, sport truck, off-road vehicle or other related recreational equipment, etc., require a  specific and separate waiver and release of liability form and therefore NOT included in these policies and are NOT of your reservation.  The specific waiver and release of liability form must be signed by a Notary of the State of Mississippi AND by someone with signature authority of River Ranch Management and must be done PRIOR to your arrival. You will not be allowed to bring your equipment on property without advance permission and the appropriate documentation. By proceeding with this reservation, you acknowledge and agree you and anyone in your party will not to bring or operate any type of ATV, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or any other recreational or off-road vehicles, etc., onto the property at any time during your stay. I understand a separate reservation, permission obtained from River Ranch Management, separate waiver of liability and a signed Mississippi Notarized Release are required in advance for such activities. I understand and agree if I violate any part of this clause I will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.



  • There is a fee of $100 per 10-hour day, per recreational vehicle for use of our trail system.

  • A separation reservation must be made for ATV use and you must be a Registered Guest staying a minimum of two (2) nights at River Ranch in order to reserve ATV use on the trail system.

  • Have a signed waiver of liability specific to ATV use on River Ranch from a Mississippi Notary who is current and in good standing

  • Must be minimum of 18 years of age, have valid drivers licenses with the appropriate certification to operate the vehicle, proof of insurance with a separate liability insurance naming “Sky Development Properties, LLC as additional insured.” 

  • A driver’s test may be require prior to accessing the trail system

  • Vehicle must be in good and safe operating condition 

  • You must adhere to the separate policies for Recreational Vehicle Usage that are not include here. Please contact the Innkeeper for details. 


Number of Guests Per Room

Registered Guests are different than Visitors. Visitors come for a short time  -- 1 - 4 hours then leave. Registered Guests stay overnight.

Each room has a specific maximum number of Guest(s) allowed when making reservations. Additional Guests will be charged a per person fee of $100 per-day, per-person separate from the published rates and depending on the season. The additional Guest must adhere to the same policies and requisite signature of the waiver of liability and vehicle registration.


Non-Smoking Policy

River Ranch is a Non-Smoking environment. The Lodge is made of wood and the property is a Tree Farm. This includes all Guest Rooms, common areas, decks, beaches, trails and pond area — in short, everywhere. Please respect our request. By proceeding with this reservation, I authorize River Ranch to charge my credit card if I, or anyone in my party smokes anywhere on the property, an additional charge of $500 and the equivalent to an 1-night stay, applicable tax and any related fees.

Damages and Additional Cleaning Fees

We have thoughtfully and purposefully prepared your Suite for you and because we are a “Green Facility” we kindly ask you please help us conserve by limiting towel usage to the number provided in your room. We are not a large hotel chain with unlimited resources, so please leave rooms and common areas as you found them and please bag your trash and place it outside in one of the large receptacles before you check-out. When you visit River Ranch, please remember you are staying in our private home. We kindly ask you respect it and care for it during your stay. If you damage something, or if something requires additional cleaning above normal use, we require you to pay for the item, and the additional cleaning service. With regard to missing items, Guests will be responsible for the cost and time spent replacing said item. Some examples of such items would be missing hairdryers ($75 each), missing towels, ($70 each) or linens ($350 each). Guests are not allowed in utility and/or storage closets. By proceeding with this reservation, I authorize River Ranch to charge my credit card for damaged and/or additional cleaning (amount to be determined)  to any Suite, common areas, landscaping, missing, damaged and/or broken articles or items, caused by me, someone in my party, or someone visiting me. 



Guests are provided with a Guest Suite key. Keys must be returned when checking-out. Unreturned or missing keys will be billed to your credit card for $75.


Remote Control for Front Gate Access

Some Guests may be provided with a remote control for the front entry gate. The remote control must be returned when checking-out. Guests will be charged $250 for each unreturned remote.



Please respect other Guests privacy. You are not allowed in any other Suites other than what has been reserved  specifically for you.  This includes Suites that are not occupied as we most likely have it prepared for an upcoming Guest. Common areas may be enjoyed by all Registered Guests, but please do not enter any unlocked or locked, Suite, utility or storage closets. These are off limits to Guests. If you would like a tour of the facility, or the other Guest Suites we are happy to make arrangements.  Please contact the Innkeeper for more details. 


Access to Suites

If there is an emergency, we reserve the right to enter your room. Please be sure to leave us a number to contact you. Depending on the length of your stay, we let ourselves into your room for limited maid service every three-to-five (3-5) days, unless you request us not to. 


Our Policy on Children

River Ranch is regarded as a unique, quiet escape and a romantic getaway for most of our Guests. We work hard to cultivate this type of special environment. We love children and well-behaved, well-mannered children are always welcome at River Ranch. Please know the same policies and rules apply to children staying AND visiting River Ranch, as the adults. Children should never be left unattended or unsupervised. We cannot assume responsibility for your precious children. If you have children under the age of 18 years in your party, we require a responsible adult always be watching and caring for them. That being said, we follow a strict "Three Strike Rule." That rule being if a child is (or children are) behaving inappropriately, as deemed by the Innkeeper, and is asked three (3) times to stop misbehaving, the family will be asked to leave and you will be charged for your full stay.  Parents, please understand you are responsible for your child's conduct. If your child is acting inappropriate, or disturbing another Guest, the entire family will be asked to leave and you will be responsible for full payment of your reservation. If we can rebook your room(s), a full or partial refund will be made less an administrative fee of $150.00 and any PayPal, credit card or related fees.


Pet Policy

Pets are like family and we understand how hard it is to leave them behind when you travel. We invite you to bring your four-legged family member with you as long as they are:


Friendly to people & children

Good with other dogs

Toilet trained

Free from fleas and ticks

Not prone to shedding

Do not damage property

Wormed and current on all vaccines


If your furry friend meets all of the above criteria, they are welcome at River Ranch!


We love pets and we have two Pet Friendly Suites especially for them!  The Laurel Suite and The Magnolia Suite are conveniently located on the ground floor making it easy for you and your pet to go outside.  When you make your reservation, please notify us what type of pet(s) you will be bringing, how many, breed and weight.  There is a maximum limit of 2 pets per family, per Suite.


For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all Guests we have established House Rules for Guests with pets. You will be expected to follow the House Rules at all times, or you may be asked to find other accommodations and will not receive a refund. Please read these rules carefully before proceeding with your reservation. The House Rules are outlined below:



The Laurel Suite and The Magnolia Suite are located on the ground floor and are our only two pet-friendly suites. Pets are NEVER ALLOWED TO GO INSIDE UPSTAIRS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE. Again, pets are NOT allow inside of the upstairs portion of the Lodge. This includes, but is not limited to Living and Great Room, Dining Room, Kitchen or any other inside common area or Suites. Pets may have access to the outside porches and decks as long as they are not destructive in any way, or a nuisance.


A maximum of 2 dogs from the same family per ground floor Suite.


Always monitor your pet’s noise and activity, so that the pet(s) DO NOT DISTURB other Guests.  


Pets are not allowed to roam freely on the property without the owners supervision. If your pet is trained to obey the “come when called” command, it may run and play as it wishes, as long as the owner is close enough to give the command if necessary. All pets are required to be under the control and visual contact of their owner at all times.


Always keep your dog on leash when other Guests are present. This will not only ensure your dog is safe from others, but also help you maintain control of your dog.


Always supervise your dog in new and potentially stressful environment. This could mean interacting with strangers, children, and new animals.


Listen to your dog’s signals. If your dog is visibly uncomfortable, take them out of that situation.


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE in your suite unless you are certain they will not damage any part of it in any way, or disturb other Guests. Otherwise, please bring a kennel for your dog.


For insurance and obvious safety reasons we do NOT allow any pet that is considered dangerous, vicious, potentially dangerous, a nuisance, exhibits aggressive or unruly behavior.  Aggressive dogs of any breed or size should be left at home.  If you choose to bring your pet and it exhibits this type of behavior you will be asked to find other accommodations and you will not receive a refund. If we receive one or more complaints regarding your pet’s behavior, you will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.


Please pick up after your dog. We can provide you with extra bags for this "dog duty"


We will provide you with pet bath towels upon request. Should you decide to give your furry friend a bath (outside of your suite and not in the laundry room) after a fun day in the river and on the beach, please use either the pet bath towel or towels you bring from home.  Do NOT give your pet a bath in your suite or laundry room.


Do NOT use our beautiful, white, bamboo cotton towels on ANY part of your pet for ANY reason.


We can provide special flannel dog blankets to put over the linens and furniture. Please use these regardless if your pet gets on the bed, or not. It helps deter pet hair and outside debris.


We realize accidents happen. If an accident does occur, let us know so we are able to clean and or repair the area before the next Guests arrive. Damage and cleaning will be an additional charge.


IMPORTANT: PETS MUST STAY ON THE GROUND FLOOR AND ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE UPSTAIRS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If evidence of pet hair is discovered in those areas either during your stay or after you have checked out, you will be charged an additional $500 cleaning fee.  


If your pet exhibits behavior such as being protective and/or unfriendly to strangers, or to other pets, we will consider your pet an aggressive and disruptive animal. If you choose to bring your pet and it exhibits this type of behavior you will be asked to find other accommodations and you will not receive a refund.


We reserve the right to refuse any dog we feel may me disruptive or aggressive. This ensures the safety and enjoyment of everyone. No refunds will be given if this, or any of the House Rules are not followed.



Vaccination Card & Boarding Paperwork


Usual sleeping bed/basket/blanket (or crate if this is what they prefer)


Your dogs usual food bowls


Enough food & treats for your stay


Ensure your dog is wearing a collar & ID tag


Leash or harness Favorite toys


Necessary medication (if required)


We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to River Ranch! 


River Ranch and the Environment

Our tiny little timber farm here at River Ranch provides recreational opportunities, encourages tourism, and creates environmental benefits such as excellent water quality, cleaner air, improved wildlife habitat and the storage of atmospheric carbon. We care deeply for this God-given land, so we’re responsibly managing it in a sustainable manner to benefit future generations. We all live on the same planet, so everyone has a stake in how elements of nature and natural systems are used and managed. River Ranch is committed to providing a luxurious, and welcoming retreat for our Guests and continue to incorporate newer products and “Green Practices” such as our linen program. What this means is depending on your length of stay, we will change sheets and towels every three-to-five (3-5) days, and upon check-out. Of course, we will continue to honor Guest’s request to change out linens and towels sooner.



Special Notice:  River Ranch's water source is entirely dependent on well water, so water pressure may, at times, be low. Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we strive to be self-sustaining, responsible stewards of our blessings. 


Third-Party Vendors and Activities

We get lots of questions from our Guests about where to go and what to do while in Hattiesburg. We may provide basic information on our website, and we we may recommend activities by third-party activities. We have no control over these individuals or businesses or any related activity, all of which have separate release, privacy practices, independent of River Ranch. River Ranch makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the validity of these other third parties or the information, content, materials, products, or services or otherwise made available to you.  As we continually strive to improve our recommendations to our Guests, we would appreciate your requests on our recommendations.



- Gift certificates must be presented at check-in along with a valid driver's license.

- Gift certificates are not transferable.

- Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

- Please, no candles in rooms.

- Please place only toilet paper in the toilets.


I understand if I do not adhere to ALL of the policies and procedures I will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.


Refusal Of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen articles.


IMPORTANT: By continuing with this reservation, you understand and are agreeing to the above policies and following waiver and release from liability.   Each Guest is required to sign a printed copy of the waiver of release from liability upon check-in. You are not allowed to stay on property without reading completely, understanding and agreeing to and signing the waiver of liability. However, if for any reason you do not sign a printed copy of the release and waiver of liability upon your arrival, BY CONTINUING WITH THIS RESERVATION YOU AGREE TO AND ARE LEGALLY BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, OUR POLICIES AND OUR WAIVER OF LIABILITY.  This includes, but is not limited to agreeing to waive all rights to any legal action against any other Guest, employee, agent, assign, or heirs of Sky Development Properties, LLC, including that of gross negligence on the part of any of the aforementioned parties. 




Visiting a facility in the country with land and waterways, animals, etc. is potentially hazardous and I am aware  there are potential risks involved, both manmade and by nature, and knowingly and willfully choose to encounter any and all of theses risks as a known hazards, and "assumed the risk of injury."


I, the undersigned (hereinafter the Guest) hereby irrevocably & unconditionally release & hold harmless from liability and forever discharge SKY DEVELOPMENT PROPERTIES, LLC, dba RIVER RANCH (herein after referred to as “RIVER RANCH” or "SKY DEVELOPMENT PROPERTIES, LLC.") and its other Guests, agents, staff, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors, heirs and assigns, from any & all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, or expenses of any nature whatsoever whether in law or equity, known or unknown, occurring during, caused by, relating to, that I ever had or may have, arising from or in any way related to my participation in any of the events or activities, and for the duration of my stay and beyond, conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of, or arising in any way from my visitation and participation at RIVER RANCH. This includes release of and from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, including but not limited to any claims of owner or employee negligence, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, now and in the future.


I understand visiting a facility in the country involves participation in physical activities both indoors and outdoors, and will exposure me and my party to dangerous wildlife and other unforeseen dangers. With any and all activities, there is the element of risk, eminent danger and possible death. By accepting this waiver, I hereby acknowledge that my participation and usage is at my own risk, and that I assume all responsibilities for any and all aspects of participation by both myself, my spouse or companion, anyone under 18 years of age, and any children, or anyone else who might accompany me. I am the parent or legal guardian of the children in my party and have the right to assume all responsibility for their actions.  I understanding swimming, hiking, walking up and down stairs, or any other activity may be hazardous and am doing so at my own risk. This waiver applies to any and all activities participated in at River Ranch or arranged by River Ranch staff.  I am aware surveillance cameras are in use on the premises. I further understand RIVER RANCH makes no claims or representations about fitness for use of the property and the surrounding land for any particular purpose, and makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the safety of the premises, and that I am using said property at my own risk. This includes the possibility of gross negligence on the part of River Ranch, its other Guests, agents, staff, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors, heirs and assigns. 


I understand that my presence on this property may expose me to dangerous conditions including, but not limited to steep and slippery staircases and decks, showers, bathtubs, tile and wood floors, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, coffee makers, electric, gas and charcoal grills, fireplaces, firepits, beaches, the river, pond, other slippery and wet conditions, poisonous vines, poisonous snakes, insects and spiders, ditches, creeks, trails, rivers, erosions of the land whether man-made or natural, sharp rocks, animals, both wild and domestic, and I acknowledge other domesticated animals may have dangerous propensities and can be hazardous including horses, cattle, dogs, cats, etc. 


I understand and agree the zipline is absolutely off limits to ALL Registered Guests and any Visitors. I acknowledge the zipline is extremely dangerous and can and will cause injury and even death. No one is allowed to use the zipline and will be asked to leave will not be issued a refund if this rule is not obeyed. No exceptions. You (and everyone in your party) agree not to use the zipline, or any part of it, and to agree to stay away from the zipline area and all related equipment.


I agree not to bring onto the property, or discharge any type of firearms, explosives or weapons while on the property. 

On behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns and next of kin, I waive all claims for damages, physical and emotional injuries and death sustained to me or my property, that I may have against the aforementioned released party to such activity or conditions now and forever.  By this Waiver, I assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with RIVER RANCH including but not limited to man-made or natural hazards associated with the property now and in the future.


I have read and completely understand and agree to these policies, procedures and waiver of liability.




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Signature: ________________________________________




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Signature: ________________________________________



(Please add additional names and signatures as needed. Thanks so much!)



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